A confession for words and books

Words can be such complex beings, but I really love words, and I appreciate how weird words are too! I was thinking about something to write about, and I so I thought "Why not share about my thoughts on words?" Starting on a lighter note, I think we've all had moments where we don't know … Continue reading A confession for words and books


Has Singapore Killed Art? And then Propping it up through the Management of Art?

I recently chanced upon Chan Lishan’s book “A philosopher’s madness” at BooksActually, and got so caught up and engrossed in it that her thoughts and experiences were still swirling around in my mind even after putting the book down.

A quick Google search led me to her WordPress. 🙂


lishan chan

By Ranger Mills and Lishan Chan (printed in Because of the Night zine)

Alongside with the disciplines of philosophy and the sciences, art is a generative activity, from which ideas and new ways of thinking can originate. In recent times, however, there has been a change from the perspective of art as generative to art as pragmatic. This signals the eradication of art and its value to an economic element. As a consequence of capitalism encroaching upon our lives, art, for many, now serves as either a means by which people can show off their wealth, or else it is an investment through which buyers can increase their wealth. Art is a commodity and not developed for its own sake.

From one perspective, art should be developed for its own sake. Art should be independent and apolitical. While art can be used to critique society and service nationalistic values, by…

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