My fingers, they remember the music

I should have long forgotten the muscles. The tendons of my heart, stretched, taut- like my mother's thinning skin, over the loveliness of my cracked joints. My fingers. Yet the music lies within my fingers Even when I'm an ancient Ozymandias. It rolls, and fluffs and it gorges on its owner without hesitation. I know … Continue reading My fingers, they remember the music


Of lifetimes and death

I draw the sweet current from under my breath. Heave ho my wings tremble under the sheer force of the winter water dam. An eagle's eye? Could be looking at me as I hovered within the mansion. Full of dust. It is old-aged, with hand-crafted wooden chairs and tables. The curve of the seats, the stability of … Continue reading Of lifetimes and death


Crunched, stone. My heart is set, cement. On a cactus in the desert, those rolling balls in the wind. Beaten, battered and shaken. Heart has no words, heart has weird buzzes. Heart problem? Or is it in the mind? I heart you is different from I love you. My heart might speak, but it does … Continue reading Heart