The mind

Go faster than your brain- fasterfasterfaster STOP the train of thought before it arrives at your platform,

a thought as sticky as slime, a starfish that wouldn’t budge.

Thoughts that have grown in your garden
Sometimes we have more weeds than flowers.

I say keep the weeds.

Whoever you are, whether your ratio of weed to flower is
one to one
two to one
a hundred to zero

Don’t pluck them out.

They were brought in by gusts of wind, seeds from faraway lands,
perhaps planted by your very own hands

But remember, remember
Our gardens aren’t landfills,
They’re fresh soil
Loose soil.

Grab a fistful-
smell it deep into your lungs.
Cough it out love it hate it eat it chew on it

Do what you need to do with your soil,
Throw joyful seeds throw wise seeds throw open-minded seeds
Throw your heart let it bloom

However throw ignorance-the-monstrously-painful-ego-one-sided-view-eat-your-flowers-only seed out,
back to the sidewalk.
Off you go. 


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