Book #3: Demian by Hermann Hesse

So I couldn’t keep to the 20-week timeline, but I’m still reading! Hehe.

Demian, Demian. Where do I start? I was pulled into the protagonist’s mind the moment I started reading the book. I love the many layers and philosophical elements that the author has weaved into this work of art. The themes that I love reading about emerged early on: good vs evil, childhood, family, religion, dreams, controversial topics, etc. It was super interesting reading about what Demian (not the protagonist) had to say about certain stories in the bible. I’ve never read the Bible before, but this was an enlightening experience.

It’s a book that really takes eastern and western philosophy, mixing it together to produce a life guide for individuals. As we read about Emil Sinclair’s life, we gather bits and pieces of wisdom about life the author wants to show us. Things such as free will, and accepting thoughts that are considered ‘immoral’, etc instead of fighting it and being in pain. (Not teaching us to act it out, but more of accepting the fact that these thoughts do run through your mind.)

I don’t really know what else to say, except that you should read it. It’s only around 150 pages long, and won’t take you a lot of time if you’re looking for a quick read!



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