Train thoughts

I go to the extreme ends of the train most of the time to have a space to sit and breathing space.

If you do this, I feel you deeply.

If your head hurts from looking at the screen the whole day and your eyes are stretched thin like bubblegum, it makes sense to be grumpy.

If you go to sleep in the middle of an AM and wake up at an AM as well, you’d be dead tired.

If you wake up with a strained neck that doesn’t go away, you’ll be irritated.

You’ll be a big fuzzy ball of black negativity. I can see your face. Your “resting bitch face”.

Sometimes work doesn’t go the way you want it to be and you have a deadline due even though you have the Big Bad Flu.

It’s normal to feel zoned out and frustrated. And tired. Definitely tired. Sleep is on your mind. It’s okay.

If your loved one is gone either from your life or from this world, you’d feel a gaping hole in your heart that doesn’t seem to fill up no matter how much hurt you cry away. It’s okay, it’s normal.

Sometimes you’ve forgotten how to cry because your insides are shell-shocked from life explosions. You’ve then decided that enough was enough- you’re closing the store for the day. And that is every day.

If you feel wronged and misunderstood by the ones you love the most, it’s understandable. You’re most definitely to feel pain right where you’re the most vulnerable. Cry, but don’t cry to sleep. Because the tears will wash away the colours from your dream. Darkness will seep into your subconscious, plaguing your entire being.

If you think no one knows your pain, then know that you’ve not known the whole world’s pain as well. Be grateful for pain, it teaches you lessons that could very well, make you stronger. As cheesy as it sounds.

If you felt invalidated by the previous line, I feel you deeply.

Because I’m struggling to accept it even though I can say it a hundred times, a thousand times, a lifetime, to myself.



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