Of living and death

One, you have trust. Two, a leap. A faithful leap into the blind darkness. Three, a realisation that there can be no other choice but to leap. Four, making peace with the fact that you have leapt. Five, find yourself floating in slow motion mid-air jump. Looking down, something surreal, something horribly frightening yet everything … Continue reading Of living and death


Hey Love

There's one word to ever say for everything. I see, sometimes, I'm aware of the darkness. But yknow, we all have times where we truly sink in and just let it consume us. A deep consumption. After that, everything becomes clearer again. A new world, an alternate blackhole that we've gone through. Who am I? … Continue reading Hey Love


Crunched, stone. My heart is set, cement. On a cactus in the desert, those rolling balls in the wind. Beaten, battered and shaken. Heart has no words, heart has weird buzzes. Heart problem? Or is it in the mind? I heart you is different from I love you. My heart might speak, but it does … Continue reading Heart